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I’m intrigued by the amount of social media job requests in the Netherlands. Whether as intern or fulltime, there’s a lot of demand for people who understand social media and are great at it.

The question is, what makes someone “great” at social media?

Hundreds (or thousands) of followers on Twitter?

59 different SM applications/programs and web sites running on their computer?

Hours spent every day on Facebook, Hyves, or LinkedIn?

Or is being “great” at social media a whole different line of thinking? For example:

Having a clear message that you consistently bring across in your social media platform(s) of choice.

Understanding the strengths, weaknesses, and target group of your platform, then making the most of that knowledge.

Keeping an eye on the trends and priorities of your target group and being able to communicate on those subjects ( Justin Bieber? Wall Street? Homeschooling? )

Offering information and/or services that is relevant and valuable to your target group.

Social media takes time and energy, but it’s quickly shifting from a fringe benefit to a key (sometimes even indispensable) skill set in today’s business world. Being “ok” at it can, at the very least, give you a little advantage over your competitors. Being “great” at it can give you a big boost up and on your way.


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